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Up to 3 cameras, including easy to use BYOD converter and USB recording

A conference is usually an event that is happening only one time and attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. Making sure that the conference is being filmed and broadcasted over the internet or television is a key element in a successful event. This solution enables you to easily deploy and record the event and have support to superimpose the presentation content in a picture-in-picture or full screen manner. The DAC-75T is a very user friendly touch-screen interface that your speakers can use to input their laptop or mobile device over HDMI, SDI or VGA. The MobileCast studio is a portable solution that powers and controls the cameras, switches your video, contains a streaming encoder and audio interface for microphones. After the event you can easily fold down the screen and take the studio with you in a safe and secure manner. Datavideo equipment is used throughout the professional video production industry worldwide and has a great reputation for being reliable whilst being easy to use for the end user.

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