Key Benefits

Replacing mercury lamps with Lamp-Free projectors means a longer-lasting, high-brightness hybrid laser and LED light source - drawing closer to a mercury-free environment, and lowering total cost of ownership.

Product Line Up

Superior Series

The next generation in mercury-free LED and laser hybrid light source with an Education Solution network.

XJ-S400W / XJ-S400WN / XJ-S400U / XJ-S400UN

Core Series

Help the environment and save with this eco-friendly projector

XJ-V2 / XJ-V10X / XJ-V100W / XJ-V110W

Ultra Short Throw Series

60-inch image projection from 13cm. Remarkably space-saving installation.

XJ-UT312WN / XJ-UT352W / XJ-UT352WN

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Slim Series

Portability & Perfomance that never slows you down.

XJ-A142 / XJ-A147 / XJ-A242 / XJ-A246 / XJ-A247 / XJ-A252 / XJ-A257

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Advanced Series

Less cost of replacement, lesser environmental impact with connectivity.

XJ-F11X / XJ-F101W / XJ-F21XN / XJ-F211WN

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4K Large Venue

High definition presentations for large audiences.

XJ-L8300XN (5,000 lm)

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