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Better Solutions. Better results.

Creating an innovative classroom is easier than you think with Boxlight—we provide solutions that are simple to install and support, along with service that you can rely on. We make it easy to find the right technology for your schools, and offer products that are designed with students and teachers in mind.

Interactive Projectors

Deliver engaging instruction and have multiple students work together on large, brilliantly projected lessons.. We even offer laser models, so you will never have to change another bulb—ever.

Standard, Short Throw, Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard with your classroom computer and a projector—you get whole-class learning in under a minute!

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Deliver great instruction and have multiple students work together on a brilliant, LED-illuminated 4K UHD 20-touch display.

Document Camera

4K ultra-high definition pictures and live video engages students and creates dynamic lessons. Simply take our document camera out of the box, attach a single cord, and it’s ready to go.