Audiovisual Products

We specializes in providing advance, reliable and user-friendly Audiovisual products.

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LED WALL, built with state-of-the-art technology to wowing audiences with the best picture and sound quality ever imaginable.

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Rental Solutions

The Brain Audiovisual offers a variety of AUDIOVISUAL equipment and webcasting services for STREAMING LIVE events, Conference, Shows, and rentals solutions to meet your I.T. needs from Desktop, to Laptop, to printers and more. Serving Corporate or Professional, to Government, to Education and others..


System Integration

Comprehensive Design & total System Integration for Boardroom, Training Rooms, Command Center and Audiovisual Rooms.

Our Partners

The Brain Audiovisual has over 35 years of experience in Audiovisual design & system integration. Be it for Boardroom, Conference Room, Training Room, Command Center, Auditorium, Multi purpose AV room, Showroom & even Home Theater, we can design and install fully integrated audiovisual system to suit your individual requirements. Using the right mix of world famous audiovisual equipment, manpower and technical support services, we can work out the scheme most suitable for you.